i want to be in your passenger’s seat late at night every night

In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy

Frida Kahlo

too sad

it’s 3 weeks into the quarter and i haven’t skipped any classes yet, i’m proud of myself




The uncensored version of Diet Mtn Dew (in my opinion the best version of this song).

(…) Hit me my darling tonight
I don’t know why but I like it
Gotta get back to the wild
Give it up give it up
Live it up live it up (…)

(…) Hurt me and tell me you’re mine
I don’t know why but I like it
Scare me my God you’re divine
Gimme them gimme them
Dope and diamonds (…)

this is the fucking best thing I’ve ever heard I’m crying

lana is such a starr


I am going to need a whole new wall to put my drawings up on soon. The other walls in my bedroom are nearly completely covered